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Sabreena -


Why is Sabreena shouting?

Just a spirit compelled to dance.

…because life is so huge, full, scary and beautiful–all at the same time. I truly recognize how desperately hard we work just to survive our everyday lives. We often find ourselves having to pack away all of our life stories, memorable experiences and our other good things simply because time rarely seems kind enough to spare us a little extra.

So, we scurry about life carrying around all of our stuff–hidden, unaddressed and too heavy.  We can barely grasp a chance to breathe fully, let alone to actually live. The growing weight of it all breaks us into headaches and tears, makes us snap on our loved ones, drains our bank accounts, and brings dread to each coming day.  We end up hating some things, being frustrated by many things, and feeling overwhelmed by everything.  Eventually, the inevitable happens.  We either start clawing our way back into our lives, or…we simply give up and wait to wither away completely.

I’m a writer, teacher, great friend and creative energy…

The sky has no limits once we allow the wind to set our spiritual energy into motion.

and at this point in my life, my claws are definitely out.  I am rediscovering my “self” and learning how to be just that–me, in her greatest, highest form.  Perhaps, we’ll uncover some of that together or at the least, enjoy getting lost in the process.  As I invite you to read the world through my unabating curiosity, I also welcome us into each other’s life.  Thank you for your eye-time.  Live well and focus forward.

Pura vida,


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